March 13, 2005


So I had the greatest week ever. I went on "vacation" with Liz to go and visit Asbury Seminary, and man, it was a great, memorable trip.

So we leave in the morning after some interesting complications with getting our stuff together, with full knowledge of the 10+ hour drive ahead of us. No problem though, and we go. Long trip, found a few good detours around major cities at rush hour, but mostly a great time of talking and whatnot - you know, husband and wife conversation-type stuff. Good deal. And I got a captive audience, which is great because I love to talk and somehow my wife doesn't mind listening. Sweet.

And so we get there and go to bed and all is well except it's a little warm. And the next day we had a fantastic tour at Asbury. I mean really, it was awesome. The people were great, the campus was great, the program is amazing, the food was even pretty good, and the professors were warm, inviting, and interesting to talk to - and way funny, good stories from them.

Anyway, so we leave for home that night. We left late, of course, because what Logan ever gets anywhere on time? Anyway, we travel for a while, stopped for dinner, kept going, and just outside of Columbus, we hit a snowstorm. And this is like, decent snow for us. In Rochester, it wouldn't be that big a deal, the roads would've already been salted and plows would've been out and running for an hour already. But no, not in Ohio. Not a plow in sight. Well, not true - we did pass one plow that was on the side of the road and not moving, no lights, no running engine, nothing. Go figure.

And so Liz (who's taken over driving at this point) battles for TWO HOURS through this crappy road conditions behind a guy with a U-haul who's going too slow and swerving around on the road and won't let us pass him, all the while so I can take a nap (man, I was tired).

Eventually I wake up, feeling slightly nauseous (bad roads) and confused as to the amount of snow from the sky. And so we start wondering how long it's going to take us. We're still barely outside of Columbus (after two hours) and it's midnight.

So we finally found a hotel (some over-priced motel 8, I think) and stayed there for a night. Slept like a pair of rocks. Woke up and drove home, to get back half an hour before I had to leave for work. So it was good timing all around.

Anyway, thought I'd take a break from Calvinism blogging to talk about real life for a change. Not too many funny stories lately - oh well. Back to classes tomorrow ...

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