March 24, 2005

Few Are Chosen

I have an addendum to my last blog.

I was suddenly struck (while reading it over to make sure that I didn't say anything too stupid) that the parable never mentions who the bride is. I realize that it's not terribly important to the story, but isn't it interesting that the church is called the "bride of Christ"? So if the church is the bride, then the people that came to the wedding would probably be the church - the chosen people - except that the first ones who had originally been chosen were stupid and refused to come. So the king gets others - everyone else - and in this mindframe, he gets them to be the bride.

I love scripture: so many levels to talk about, it's insane. I love that you can talk about a passage for days and never repeat yourself. I love the message it gives us, I love that it's available to everyone to read and partake. Call me a big nerd, but it's just cool.

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