Graphics Portfolio

Below are images of my own creation. Each was created in Adobe Photoshop Elements, unless otherwise noted.

This was a set of graphics for a Series called "The Forgotten Ways" (based on the book by Alan Hirsch) about living a missional lifestyle as individuals and as a Church. The series was divided into nine sermons, and thus each of the icons represented one of them. Each week got its own unique set of slides to focus on each icon; in some of them, only the one icon was pictured, but in those with the whole set of icons, the week's icon was "glowing" in the midst of the rock.

Pictured are the title slide (used often at the beginning of each sermon), a welcome slide for the preservice slide loop, a blank slide used for sermon notes on the screen, the "glowing" slide for week 1, and one of the preservice slides.

This was for a single service that brought the traditional and contemporary congregations together, culminating a series on managing conflict. The lead pastor requested a word cloud, and so the idea was to put the word cloud in chalk on pavement (the pavement was a carryover image from the series).

Pictured are the title slide, the welcome slide for the preservice slide deck, a slide from the preservice deck, a blank slide for the sermon notes, a graphic for the bulletin to title the sermon notes ("for further reflection" questions), and a reminder that went in the church's facebook group's header image to help people remember the unique nature of the weekend.

These were from a series of images put together for the ECC Worship Arts Community's facebook page. Each was used as a header during Holy Week. The images themselves were created in Paper by 53 on an iPad, and then exported and fine-tuned in Photoshop Elements. Pictured are the header images for Palm Sunday, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday.

The following videos were created using Paper by 53, iMovie, and GarageBand. The fireplace scene during the first and second videos were an attempt at rendition of the live drama that accompanied the videos during the event. The script was a combined effort with Alex Toren and Tom Greenwald, and the voices are Alex Toren and Haley Deardorff.