March 3, 2005

God and the Internet

So I think that if I had to give an analogy of God today, I'd probably use the internet. God is like the internet - both everywhere and in the smallest places simultaneously, allows communication without talking, and is fairly easy to find, assuming you look the right places. Both are objects of worship, in some form. And people try to blame them both for their problems a lot and try to turn them into some kinda scapegoat.

I think that's about where the analogy would stop, however. I mean, Al Gore did not invent God.

So anyway, all this to say that the internet is actually a very small place. When you really think about it, you can talk to anybody anywhere about anything. Which is way cool, I like that about the internet.

And so a funny thing happened the other day. I started talking with somebody from Texas. It's not that funny if you just think about that part, because I know few people from Texas, and they're pretty nice. But I've talked to them face-to-face. This guy is actually IN Texas right now. Which is also pretty cool, I bet you it's way warmer there.

I want it to be warm here.

It all began when I commented on his
blog. See, I can never keep my mouth shut when somebody says anything, whether or not I disagree. So I commented. And a funny thing happened - he read it. And he commented back. And then he emailed me, because he'd read my blog and so now we're going to have an online discussion over our respective blogs. And that's my introduction, because we're going to talk about Calvinism, something I have little to no first-hand experience with (but some theoretical experience) and he has lots of actual and theoretical experience with. And so have fun reading them. I'll start posting soon, and then he'll write something on his blog, and we'll talk back and forth. This is one of those "for fun" nerd kind of deals (I think we're both nerds, why else would we be writing theological treatises in cyberspace?), but you might like it. So you know, we're not pissed off at each other, we're just doing this for its intellectual and spiritual value: discussion is something that doesn't happen as much as it should these days, so we're going to try it.

And so that is what I've been up to. Enjoy.


nathaniel adam king said...

I do not know if I should take offense at being called a nerd, or take it as a compliment! :) I think I'll consider it as a compliment. I am a theology major, so it is not like I am just really into my religion. I want to be a theologian, and love speaking of theology. Just read a book last night about free-will. Why? Because it was fun. So yes, I would say I'm a nerd!

awaiting the conversation,
awaiting the hope,

nathaniel adam king said...

Oh is not warm here in Texas. It was warm yesterday, and it will probably be warm tomorrow. But today, it is freezing cold.

Everyone thinks Texas is always hot...that would be great. Instead it is freezing cold and raining one day, and then burning up the next. You could literally wear flip-flops and shorts on one day, and be dressed in a sweater and coat the next.

Everything isn't only bigger in Texas, it is more extreme!

and you know what...I LOVE IT!!