December 17, 2004

A Song

A while ago I wrote about my artistic tendencies and how they'd dried up. If you've been praying for me, I much appreciate it, because this morning I wrote a song. I thought that I'd share it with you.

As you read it, please don't be depressed. If it seems at all forlorn, it's because I've been on a bit of a journey to get to where I am, and where I am is at a place of peace. This song is about hope, but it's a journey you can only make with God.

Who Am I?

It’s all your fault; I spent the morning crying, and
Tossing in pain. I can’t explain what’s come
over me today, I’m overwhelmed

I find I love you, and yet I find I hurt
And somehow you don’t blame me for that at all
What is it I’m missing? How can I find you lost in the woods
Who am I? Who am I?

I see your stars in the sky, they’re beautiful
And all that I ever wished, was to be beautiful
Have I always been the one standing between us with that
That look in my eyes. Who am I?

What have I learned? It’s by grace that I am saved
and in humility I live, I live with You, ‘cause
'cause you accepted me, and You did it first.
Who am I? Who am I?
I am Yours. I am Yours.

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