December 6, 2004

Silly Liberals, Emotional Tizzies are for Kids!

Ah, yes, more from my wandering mind. Lovely.

So where do I start? I'm rather saddened by this week's episode ... sorry, edition ... of the CT (campus times at UR, for all you non-university folks). I couldn't help but notice that there are still a lot of people who can't find it in themselves to get past the election.

Now, UR is not exactly the utopia of republicanism, and I'm the first to notice this ... well, maybe first after Rob or Mike. But I digress. UR is most assuradly a liberal's paradise, full of other liberals to whom he or she can complain and unleash their powers of analysis: "I hate Bush!" or "we've re-elected the worst president in the history of the US!" I'm no poilitical scholar, but I do know a little something about the English lanuage, and I can tell you for certain that the hyperbole is unnecessary.

Up until this point I've been amused by watching the liberals drive themselves into emotional frenzies over how "unjust" the election was, or how the country is "becoming a theocracy" or how they're going to "move to Canada." As it turns out, it's all just talk - unfortunately, they won't be leaving.

I almost deleted the last sentence, out of respect for my liberal friends and coworkers (and of course, fellow education-suffering students). But then it occurred to me - if you're going to claim you're going to move to Canada if Bush wins (and many did, pre-election) and then continue to rant about it post-election, there's something wrong with you. Either DO something or shut up your whining and let the rest of us live in peace.

Isn't peace something you're all gung-ho about anyway?

I mean, honestly, if you aren't going to make good about the stuff you say you'll do, why bother saying it in the first place? I don't care if you're "blowing off your steam" or whatever, it's just obnoxious to say "I'm moving to Canada", getting the rest of us all hopeful about peace and quiet from liberal whining, and then NOT going! "Let your yes be yes, and your no be no."


Yes, I'm quoting scripture. I know most liberals don't understand why I would do such a horribly intolerant thing, but face it: you're still living in a country full of people who still believe in God. I honestly believe that tolerance is a religion unto itself, as is science. People who cling to the idae that the "world will embrace all that is tolerance and reject the religious bigots!" ... hypocritical? I think so.

So stop throwing your incorrect "facts" at me, stop throwing your emotional fits and LISTEN for a change - it has its rewards. I know you're worried about being corrupted by the conservative perspective, but I'm a little confused as to when we stopped trying to figure out what's TRUE and started trying to maintain the illusion of our own making despite all the evidence presented to the contrary.


Back to my liberal books.

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