February 1, 2005

Conservative Dipshit

So I had another weird day today. That's two days in a row, for anyone who's counting. Yesterday I felt sick in the morning, went to school, got home and had my wife tell me that I was learning how to drive standard on the way to a dinner meeting. Yes, I'm still alive, the car works as well as it always did (not saying much), and I learned to drive the stupid piece of junk in half an hour. And I'm allowed to drive my Santa Fe once again.

Today was another weird day. I went to my early class as always, got out, went to the coffee shop and goofed off with Jutz and CP, and then had Bible study. Well, apparently February is Black History month, which is all well and good, and so somebody got the idea to put up a display in our commons area. Still ok, until you realize that the blacks they were displaying were of the Bob Marley variety. No Martin Luther King Jr, none of the underground railroad/Harriett Tubman types of people, but instead, all of the druggies and people that made the news in a bad way. Incidentally, I hear that OJ Simpson (another of the displays) is still looking for the true killer on every golf course in America.

Anyway, so that was really weird, and then we find the poetry/art magazine that comes out once a semester on the river campus. Jutz and I are artists, so he picks it up and starts thumbing through it. And what does he find, but a list of "positives" and a list of "negatives" that the editors had compiled. It seemed amusing enough, so we read it.

And we were on it! Of course, on the negative side: "Campus Crusades" was listed towards the bottom (they got the name wrong, it's Campus Crusade for Christ ... but I guess they're not allowed to mention the name of Jesus because that would be intolerant), and two names after that, "that conservative dipshit in the campus times". Now, this is UR. There aren't that many conservatives on the campus at all, and only one that's got the gall to write a column in the CT. Yes, that's right - Rob.

The poor guy's gotten hate mail from like, every active liberal on campus (usually name calling - they're not that creative), and yet somehow manages to let it roll off like water off a duck's back. The guy is seriously cool about it. So here's to you, my friend, for your bravery and courage in dealing with the place we call school: I salute you, for I am proud friend of the man who UR Logos magazine calls "that conservative dipshit in the Campus Times" ...

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Anya said...

Just ignore that artsy-fartsy article. People are always going to be leery of Christians, no matter how normal they are. I confess to it too; I apologize on behalf of my fellow athiests. It's too easy to lump you guys with the annoying Jehovah's Witnesses who knock on your door and try to convert you on your doorstep...;-)