February 9, 2005

Emergent Thoughts

From this point on, I'll be posting my emergent Christianity thoughts on another blog, in addition to the occasional post here. This one gets to have all the randomness that some people seem to enjoy, but the other site is pure postmodern Christianity, I hope.

The reason for this is mostly so that I can organize my thoughts. I've started writing the paper - well, more like started writing and hoping it will turn into a paper - and so I need to make sure that I have something I can present to my professors.

Anywho, I'll keep posting both places, so don't you worry, you can still keep track of good 'ol Chris like ... um ... before. Yeah.

Anyway, the url of the new page is: http://emergentthoughts.blogspot.com Terribly original, I know. But it does the job. And this way, you can skip all of my theological rambling and just read the funny stuff.

BUT!!!! I'd really appreciate feedback on the emergent stuff. This paper is not easy (I'm working with a TON of material) and so anything you can give me would be awesome. Thanks! ~C

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