June 6, 2006


I'm in awe of the latest developments in the world of computers. Seriously, some crazy things are happening at both Dell and Apple. Mostly Dell, since Apple is still trying to catch up (example: they finally got around to using Intel processors). In fact, I went to the Dell website today and discovered the newest development in desktop replacements: the XPS M2010
This thing has serious power, starting with the Centrino Duo processor, dual hard drives, multimedia up the wazoo (including a built-in webcam), detachable wireless keyboard, and a 20.1" widescreen display.

I don't usually write about computers, but it caught my eye. Like Apple products, this one costs a fortune, but it comes with pretty much everything you could ever need in a desktop (including 8 speakers and a subwoofer) and the mobility of a laptop. It's even got its own handle to carry it around.

Close on its heels is the XPS 1710, a laptop with a kick. Definitely more portable than the 2010, and it has funky extras like the lit back and speakers.

Apple has a few new toys too. My personal favorite is the Macbook Pro, which is basically a Dell notebook with a one-button mouse and lighted keyboard. I like the lighted keyboard, the idea makes me happy. And you can load two operating systems onto the hard drive - both Mac OSX and Windows XP Pro, which is what makes me excited about it: I like Apple hardware, but Mac OSX is a pain. And I'm told you can customize it with a more functional two-button mouse.

I must admit, though, it worries me that somebody would buy any of these; it's a lot of money to be throwing around. But they're all still very cool.

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Sarah said...


ooooh! I like those! Why couldn't they have come out with those when I first went to college! That desktop would've been awesome for the small space I have in my dorm room. Mine is good, but it still takes up a lot of space on my desk. With those small compact things, though, it's really hard to replace parts with upgrades if you want to, though.

still really nice, though... *drool*