June 1, 2006

Blogging 101

Blogger, also known as a blog, a weblog, or sometimes, a glogsot.

I love starting and being involved in discussions, especially when they turn philosophical or, as a pastor once called me, "heady." I like to think deep, outside the box, and hard. However, I noticed that most of the people who read my blogs don't comment on them. People, with regards to commenting, might fall into one of six categories:

1) You don't like me.
2) You don't like my writing. I sometimes agree.
3) You have much better things to do.
4) You want to comment but can't because of the settings on my blog.
5) You do comment, and I love you for that.
6) You do comment, but since reading this post, they're insulted and have decided not to comment anymore.

If you're in categories 1-3, please try to change yourself into someone in category 5. It is for those of you in category 4 that I write this post. I've set up my blog so that a person can't comment unless they're a member of blogger. I've done this for one reason only, and that is security: I'm sick of getting "spam" comments that don't really contribute to my discussion or anybody else's, but merely annoy us all.

You don't have to write in a blog in order to be a member (and therefore post comments), but you do have to sign up. Once you're a member, you can comment. Comments lead to discussion, and I'd really like to be able to foster discussion through my writing; it's why I write.


Greg said...

I like this blog
I like to comment
I like Chris
That's tonight's comment.


(haha) :-)

Greg said...

Perhaps a more intelligent comment will follow, but I'm tired, and the Sabres lost, and I still have work to do before we leave for two days tomorrow morning. Ahhh!!!

Greg said...

But I thought I would leave a comment anyway, just so other people would click and want to leave more comments too. You know... get the ball rolling?


Chris said...

Thanks. Thanks a ton :)

Seriously, I know you read the posts, I just like to know what you think, any thoughts they lead you to ... maybe it's an inadequacy complex or something, you know, I don't feel adequate until I've got X number of comments on my writing. I'm very self-involved ;)

Greg said...

Wait... isn't it supposed to be,

"Thanks. Thanks heaps."

At least, I think that's proper Aussie vernacular...

I enjoy reading your postings. Will comment as time allows. I shouldn't be now, but... it's late, and my mind is wandering.... :-)