June 17, 2006


A funny thing happened when I stepped onto our new scale the other day. About three weeks ago, we got this new scale so we could keep track of Wisdom's weight. Naturally, I weighed myself for the hell of it, scoffed at the number, and thought nothing of it. But yesterday, when I weighed myself again, I was shocked to discover that I'd lost eight pounds.

Eight pounds! I've never lost weight before, only gained it, so this was a bit of a shock to me. I didn't know what to do except celebrate with a tim tam.

I'm all excited now. Not only is being here rather fun and exciting, but it also helps me lose weight! I'm not sure how ... maybe the fact that we walk everywhere, or that I've been biking again, but ... there it is. Both of us have noticed a difference. It hasn't helped us sleep better yet, but that might be because of the dog, who wakes us up as early as she can to get breakfast and attention (and won't stop barking for an hour until we get up). Anyway, I was excited. Thought you should know.


Sarah said...

*claps* Yay!

Those Tim Tams look pretty good, too.

Priscilla said...

Way to go! I could lose a few myself!

Colin and Ruth brought a package of Tim Tams over to our house once when we had them here for dinner. Yum!

cruz-control said...

You write a good blog here. I've added a link to you from mine. Prosperous blogging!