March 7, 2008

A Prayer of Adoration

Dear Father in Heaven,

Words fail me as I look towards You. It isn’t that I don’t want to say anything, but Your majesty, Your splendor, Your very essence seem to remove the breath from my lungs and the words from my lips. A melody could perhaps better articulate the way I feel; something soothing, full of bass and quiet harmonies, then swelling into rapturous, ecstatic peaks full of strings and brass, and finally diminishing into a lingering silence. And yet it still would not be enough. You are too big for mere music! Your presence surrounds me even now!

Pictures can’t capture your image either. A thousand photos of a thousand sunsets, or a million paintings of a million mountains will never portray the grandeur or the beauty or the sheer volume of You. But You don’t sit still; You move, like wind in the trees and over the grass in a meadow; I can’t predict You! With every new flower that spawns a field of flowers, with every squirrel that raises a family, with the birth of a child who will give rise to nations, You are at work doing what You do best: giving life to Your creation.

I will admit, Father, that this is all a bit intimidating. You are so perfect, so good, and I am so small; how can I do anything but gaze at you, dumbstruck, the words stolen from my mouth by Your grace, Your brilliance, Your magnificence. You hold me in your hand, and I am dwarfed beyond recognition – I disappear into the folds of your fingerprint. And yet You knew me even before I knew me; You know me even now, a speck on your palm, and You love me.

Oh for a thousand, ten thousand, a million words to speak of your glory! But my words are nothing; You speak in one whisper what I would spend my whole life shouting. And so Father, I have only four words to give to You, four words that might capture what I want to say:

I love You too.


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Dan said...

your prayer is so much better than mine.... and I agree with it wholeheartedly!