April 19, 2007

Why I'm Not Online Anymore (But Plan to Return)

It turns out that this is a very, very busy time of year. I spent all last weekend apartment shopping, but am proud to report rousing success and we'll be moving into the new two-bedroom place (so Liz can do her nesting thing) over the next month or so. I'm working nearly 30 hours this week in addition to classes (did I mention that I got a job? More on that after the craziness ends, I hope) and doctor's appointments with my now seven-months-pregnant wife. Also, KCW project to finish, books to be read, and in the event of free time, food to be eaten and sleep to be had. And considering the CL610 trip to India over J-term. So I'm snatching a moment to update the blog so that you all know that I'm not, in fact dead, in the bottom of a hole, or otherwise incapacitated beyond the sort of "I'm a student/academic" sense of the word "busy."

For your literary enjoyment, various articles I've read this week.

Patrick over at
Tentpegs has three great posts on the Virginia Tech situation: one, two, and three.

Anchoress has some good stuff on VA Tech too.

The Harrisons have been hiking in Cambodia and Ruth offers some very moving insights.

Chuck Gutenson, an interesting insight into the Democratic priorities regarding campaign funding. Where would you expect to spend the sort of money politicians raise?

In the Global Warming debate,
some don't like the fuss, some change their predictions, and some are just a thumping good read, regardless of whether or not I agree with them.

In the middle east,
Iran may be aiding the Sunnis (shock) and soldiers have been saved by strange things.

Last, but not least, a video provided by Ruth over in Sai Yok, Thailand about the Karen people and their plight.

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