April 5, 2007

The Beauty of Solar

My KCW Professor found this rather wonderful article about the things we can do to start conserving electricity. Now, ok, it's not perfect. The rather obnoxious suggestion was made that we should avoid having children. I'm sure my unborn daughter would love to hear that; "sorry honey, we'll never give you a little brother because it'll save us some electricity." Nope, don't like that much at all. Al Gore isn't really my favorite guy, either; but truth be told, despite that the man can be a menace, he does have some good things to say. The other thing I'd suggest is that the suggestion to replace your light bulbs with CFLs (Compact Flourescent Lights) is probably not the best way to save electricity, since, while it does save power, also is a known cause of skin cancer. And they hurt your eyes; I never run the ones we have because I get headaches and dizziness from them.

But aside from that, read it and read it well. Again,
the link.

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