March 1, 2007

[Insert Your Name Here]

This is my beautiful daughter! That's right, it's a girl. We found out yesterday at Liz's ultrasound; turns out they can do 4D ultrasounds now, so you can watch the baby move around as if the woman's stomach wall isn't there. It's pretty nifty, and not nearly as messy as the alternative.

It's so weird. Since I found out - and we both expected a boy, by the way - I've been having all sorts of nightmares. Not the "holy crap, I wish it was a boy" sort of nightmares, I love my little girl already. But I keep having these nightmares where my little girl is a teenager already and she's dating, or I have to pay for braces (a likely possibility), or handing her off to some guy at a wedding ... *engage panic mode* ...

Just so you all don't go asking right away, yes, we have a name, and no, we won't tell you until she's born (in early July sometime). But this proud Dad wants to share his new pride and joy with the world. Can ya blame me? Jeremiah suggested that I answer your queries with "her name is __" and then fill the blank with the name of whoever asked me the question. So to save me time and typing, simply fill in your name into the blank. Enjoy.

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