December 21, 2006


Sometimes I think to myself, "wow, being a missionary is really hard! I have to put up with harsh weather (it was 38 and humid again today), public transportation, high prices, weird people (try riding the upfield train line for a few runs and you'll see what I mean), and flies!"

Then I go
here and read about what the Harrisons are doing in Thailand and I get over myself. It's ... increadible stuff, to be perfectly honest. I'm on the one hand envious of their ability to follow Jesus to such ends of the earth, and on the other hand, so thankful I'm not them.

Seriously, go read everything they've
written. Their stories will move you, their courage and passion will cut to your very core, and the offhand manner in which they say things like "Today we were stopped by boarder police - checking to see it we had any Karen people with us without papers. It was just us...and so all was well" will floor you.

Seriously. Go read.

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