December 13, 2006

Minigolf and Cubicle Rockets

So at Credo this week we had a Credo Team gig. We went out to Dandenong to have a barbeque of lamb chops and veggie burgers. Luke and Ray handed out "awards" for the year (mine was 'sleepiest mountain dew drinker', for the time I bought Dew to stay awake and was informed, upon reaching Credo, that it doesn't have caffeine here), and then we left to play mini golf. Mini golf is a game I haven't played in many moons, the last time I remember was in Rhode Island as a tween. My grandmother took my sister and me to a little place that had such obstructions as the Rhode Island Red and various lighthouses. This course was ... well, harder. The water hazards were the worst, but there was a nagging problem with graded slopes leading TO the hazards. But the day was mine, and I took the lowest score by 4. Those golf lessons my dad gave me when I was 10 payed off, apparently. I bought a souvenier golf ball to commemorate the occasion. Pictures here.

I met a monk that afternoon, on the way home. He was another Hindu missionary, this time at Melbourne Central. He pulled me off the sidewalk and asked if I was a foreigner or a local (not sure why he started with "foreigner," do I really give off that vibe?) and I told him I was both. He asked me if I'd ever met a monk before, and I said yes, I had. He seemed a bit startled, and asked me what I did for a living. I told him I was a missionary. It was a short conversation, since I knew he'd ask for money again, but that was fine, since I didn't have any (again). But as I left he told me to "keep preachin' the word of the Lord." I'm not sure if he was trying to speak my language or make a joke - I couldn't tell - but it amused me, even if it wasn't something I'd ever say.

In other news, Victoria is in a bit of a crisis at the moment. It seems that seven years of drought cause bush fires a bit more severely than if there had been rain. At one point last weekend, the news reported that an estimated one-fifth of Victoria (yes, of the entire state) was on fire! The smoke drifts with the wind into the city, causing a creepy-colored fog to roam the streets. But the sunsets are cool.

Some articles that have piqued my interest this week:

A rediculous
Holocaust conference that tells me that Iran isn't really interested in peace in the middle east.

A new
toy I think may be required equipment in cubicles in a few years ...

And an interesting
article on cross-cultural mission, despite its title, from One Cosmos.


Anonymous said...

Most of the times that the Hare Krishna monks have asked to speak to me they're asked if I'm an artist or a musician or something, and I've said no. One time the monk asked if I was from out of town, and I said I was (because I was living in Ballarat). He told me that he knew that because he was psychic. I said that he would have also been right though if he'd thought that I wasn't from out of town he still would've been right because I grew up in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

That article about the Holocaust conference really ticked me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


How silly of you. Of COURSE Iran is interested in Middle East peace. It even involves Israel.

Now, it may call for Israel to be destroyed...but hey least they got a plan!