December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve in the Park


I suppose I should explain that. Liz (my wife, on the left) gave me a Lego Ferrari for Christmas. I love legos; always have. My parents gave me a lego every year up until I got into high school, and even then I'm fairly certain a small one would find its way into my stocking on the railing. Anyway, when we return home, Liz knew I was looking forward to getting our new car, which won't be happening for a while now. So this is my replacement. I love my wife :)

This has probably been the most relaxing Christmas I've ever had. No rush to take care of a million things, no show to perform in or organize at Church, no college finals to finish, and as much as I miss my family, I don't have to worry about balancing two families worth of commitments. It's been slow and restful, just like I always planned to make it but somehow never quite got around to it. But honestly, whoever heard of having a barbecue outdoors on Christmas eve, anyway? And getting a sunburn!

Anyway, mimos got together yesterday at Bundoora Park in Preston for a brunch barbecue. Pete and Sarah grilled tomatoes, bacon, and hash browns. Pete tried to do the eggs too, but the grill was sloped and the eggs ran towards the little drain in the middle. For myself, I proudly offered buttermilk biscuits and buechermusli, a sort of swiss fruit salad that people seemed to enjoy. Sally brought homemade quiche, also tasty. After thoroughly stuffing ourselves, most of us sat around talking while the kids played cricket with Pete and Jono. Then the kids read the Christmas story for everyone, and we celebrated Jono's birthday with chocolate cake (yes, that's right - more food).

Today we celebrated Jesus' birth with Sally, first with pancakes, then with gifts (my ferrari, some tim tams, and a footie ball made my day, and Sally gave us an Aussie book to read to the kid when he's born), and then spent time talking with relatives on the phone and webcam (which is how my parents got that first shot). Then we (meaning Sally, I guess) made dinner. Mashed potatoes, candied yams, salad, sauteed garlic prawns (shrimp) and buttermilk biscuits made up the most unusual yet tasty Christmas dinner I've had. All in all, this was probably the coolest, most unique thing I've ever done for Christmas and to tell you the truth, despite the lack of snow and decor, it was fantastic.

Then I read what the Harrisons did for Christmas. They are amazing. Simply amazing.

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Merry Christmas!!!