November 23, 2006


Our first thanksgiving turkey, done in our tiny little oven here in Melbourne.

It's been quite a holiday for us. Two days of food preparation, baking, cleaning the dishes we just used, baking some more, cleaning the house ... all over in an hour. Which, granted, is longer than most dinners last in our house. It was fantastic; Liz's stuffing, the turkey, the stuffing, the buttermilk rolls, the stuffing, the casserole, the stuffing, the apple pie ... yeah: it was good.


Anonymous said...

OMG I'm gonna be an aunt. that's weird! but congratulations to the both of you! :)

shawna said...

So I just spoke to Liz and told her you had better give her lots and lots of back rubs or else I'll come over and beat you up!
So happy for you guys and love you heaps!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just read Sarah's comment. Congratulations!!!! Really cool and very exciting news!!!

Been out of the loop. I stopped blogging for a bit because of so much pain in my arm. I think I had carpal tunnel or's better now.

Did you have anyone over for turkey or was it just you two? Anyway...hope it was a good one!