November 8, 2006

Randomness While You Wait

While you wait for my return to blogging (with baited breath, I know), I have a few things for your entertainment, education, and general well-being. There's a great discussion happening here based on a letter Glen wrote to those of us who consider ourselves emerging or missional. If you're either of those things, you should read it and the comments. If you're not either of those things, you should read it for the comments. Either way, it's been an interesting discussion so far, though as usual I talk too much.

Fun article via Myles

Also, I hear there's been something afoot at home. Politics isn't going so well for the conservative right, from what I'm told. Poor buggers. But I believe
Myles may have nailed it on the head. Will anything really change, or are we so bogged down in politics that change is impossible? I highly doubt that we'll be able to pull out of Iraq the way so many democrats have campaigned for - even they know that, despite the war's shaky ethical beginnings, to give up now is probably not in anybody's best interests. But, being politicians, they'll say what it takes to get into office. I'm with Myles ... not much will change. Although I hear that Mrs. Clinton is campaigning for the Presidency; why else would somebody from Arkansas grab a senatorship in New York?

Some fun videos for you:

And some not-so-funny videos, in case you have the time:

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