October 26, 2006

Community Work Day

Credo Cafe held a community work day for the inside of the cafe and the laneway just outside on tuesday. I knew this coming down into the ciy, and so I kept praying "please don't make me clean the toilets, please don't make me clean the toilets." Sure enough, they didn't ... a prayer answered.

As soon as I arrived, I was recruited by Luke to help paint the laneway. It had gotten grubby, and was laced with cobwebs, grunge, and graffiti. A good day of work, I must say. I don't usually like painting, but with Chris, Tim, Woodsey, and Nathan working alongside me, I can't say I've ever had more fun.

However, I don't have any work clothing, save the old tshirt I was wearing. In order to keep my shorts from getting paint all over them, I tied an old tablecloth around my waist. Let me tell you - I was sexy in that thing.

Pictures can be found


cruz-control said...

just a question: how are halloween festivities celebrated in Australia?

Chris said...

To be honest, they really ... don't. I've seen a few stores with "halloween" decorations, but for the most part, I'm fairly sure the Aussies are either ignorant of the made-up holiday or just don't care (and most aussies are fairly aware of what's going on outside their borders, AND they get a lot of American tv shows, so let that narrow it down for ya).

We haven't done anything for it, although my wife pondered how we could dress up the puppy. Suggestions came in for either a bumble bee or a stalk of corn. Other ideas are welcome ;)