October 24, 2006

MP3 Update

So go figure, I'm getting indecisive. I read articles daily in the google technology news about one player or another, and I'm about ready to cry (in a theologically non-suspect way; don't worry, I know it's not the end of the world). I discovered a new player that I hadn't considered, via my sister: the Sansa e260, by Sandisk. It's a good player in ways the iPod nano isn't, from a removeable battery that lasts just as long, to a built-in FM receiver with digital recording capabilities.

In the interim, I've been using my Dell Axim as an mp3 player, something it does quite well in addition to the tons of other useful functions (calendar/planner, contacts, wiFi, and of course, games). Truly I tell you, it's one of the coolest gizmos I have, I think; Apple would do well to try them, they're wonderful. Oh, and for all you mac users out there who switched because of the reputation for macs to be "virus free",
think again, I've got news for you. I think I'd use it as an mp3 player permanently, but it's a bit bulky and not the sort of thing that fits well into any pocket other than my jacket, something I wear rather infrequently.

Yet the iPod nano still haunts me, even as I look over the newbie's wonderful features and highly attractive price (read "less expensive by $50 USD"). I like its slim elegance, the simple user interface, and the vast range of useful accessories, despite their slightly elevated prices. It doesn't have cool things like an FM receiver or digital recording capabilities, and it's rumored that it doesn't support MP3 files that well, but I've yet to hear any truely horrible things about the nano (the iPod proper seems to have contracted virus that affect only PCs, which seems a bit nefarious).

Anyway, any suggestions you all might have would be helpful. I can't decide if the expansion slot, FM receiver, and removeable battery on the Sandisk make it worth investing in a new-to-the-market and potentially un-hip product.


Greg said...

Chris... do you publish these things just to get me to comment?? :-)

1) The virus is a PC virus that does not affect the Mac OS. Macs are still virus free.

2) The virus is not even a virus, it's a "worm". The user would have to double-click on the iPod icon in the windows file browser system

3) The virus shipped on only a few hundred iPods. Do you know how SMALL this problem is???? Somewhere in China, a computer used to load the software or something was affected by this virus, but the problem has been contained, and we're only talking a few hundred iPods that will affect WINDOWS PCS ONLY, and then only if a certain series of steps are followed.

This is a non-issue.

Just wanted to clarify. Thanks very much. :-)

Ha. :-) I just read your last line. Dude... if you're looking for "hip", the Nano is obviously your choice... but... don't forget that at one point the iPod was "un-hip"... you could start a trend with your SanDisk... :-)

Happy hunting. Just needed to clear up the false rumors you were potentially spreading there... :-)

Greg said...

Hey, speaking of Apple... they just announced the new MacBook Pros... now with the Core 2 Duo chips. Thought you might be interested... :-)


Sarah said...

I'd say go with the SanDisk. Looks like it's got great features, and the removable rechargeable battery and the expansion slot will definitely come in handy.

cruz-control said...


you used the word 'nefarious.'


Chris said...

Leave it to Cruz to point out ubiquitous words in a post.

I think, Greg, that you're in denial. Apple products are not "virus free", and as their market share grows, so too will the number of viruse, trojan horses, and worms targeting them. It's just a fact of life, just like tacos and pizza.

However, I also think I'm settling on the iPod nano. While it bugs me that both it and its accessories are more expensive and that it doesn't have a removeable battery, I'm encouraged that no battery problems have been reported since the first batch of iPods came on the market five years ago. Apple has had a lot of time to refine their product, and I think it shows. I like that it's thin, and I like that it has a TON of accessories, including an FM receiver and a caribbeaner case that looks divine. I think I'll go with the green one ... I've always liked green.

Larry Boy's Dad said...

I think any company who makes an electronic product that does not enable you to replace the battery is planning for obsolescence, planning for low usage, and is arrogant.
Start a new trend - go with the Sansa - it's cool.

Chris said...

Yeah, see, but the thing I keep reading about the sandisk is that it's got tiny little buttons that are hard to use ... whereas the nano has the click wheel which is quite easy ... I dunno, I don't like the idea of constantly fumbling with the player trying to get it to do what I want.