August 22, 2006

Force = Menthos + Diet Coke

Many thanks to an anonymous commenter on my last post for this little gem. My absolute favorite candy is Menthos. I carry them everywhere with me. Liz's favorite soda is diet coke. The funny thing is, put them together, and this is what happens. I'm not sure this is a metaphor that I want to be circulating, given that our two-year anniversary was yesterday, but hey, the video is a good one, so enjoy.


Priscilla said...

So are you and Liz going to try this?

Chris said...

We're seriously considering it. Have to stock up on menthos and diet coke first, and then we have to reconcile ourselves to sacrificing our favorite candy/beverage ... it's a hard thing, I tell you: hard!

Mel said...

is there no limit to the powers of the freshmaker? perhaps tim lahaye and jerry jenkins can work mentos into their plotline by having the antichrist win the world to his side with the cunning use of the minty treat. my personal favorite are the fruit flavored mentos because i get them every year in my christmas stocking alongside a new pez dispenser. good times! happy anniversary you two!!