August 31, 2006

The End of Suburbia

I think that this speaks volumes. Try not to enjoy this, but do something about it. What, I do not know. Maybe invent a car that consumes next to no gasoline. Better yet, come up with another cheap, affordable source of energy. Or, if all else fails, start learning to limit yourself on a few things. Me, I enjoy the public transport system we have in Melbourne.


Priscilla said...

Well...I honestly would have loved to see that...but it didn't like me and refused to play for me!

Alex Makin said...

The End of Suburbia while being largely US focused is still definitely relevant to Melbourne and Australia.

With people already under increasing financial hardship due to rising petrol prices it is clear that improved public transport is quickly becoming a necessity.

Melbourne needs fast, efficient and direct bus services that will provide the two-thirds of Melbourne without rail or tram access with a public transport system that will encourage patronage and mobility.

People cannot use public transport if no or very limited services are provided. Melbourne's outer suburbs deserves transport choice that the inner city has enjoyed for so long.

Alex Makin

Chris said...

I'd have to agree with you. Living in melbourne, I find the bus systems rediculously inefficient ... but I LOVE the trains and trams.