March 15, 2006

Nothing to do with Me

Well, I'd like to say "patience payed (paid?) off" but that would insinuate that it had something to do with me.
That's right. We have our visas.
Not only that, we also have our plane tickets for Monday, May 20. We fly out at 4:45ish in the afternoon, to arrive in Melbourne on the 22nd at 11amish. Not "eleven-amish", but "eleven-am-ish". We're not quakers.
But I digress.
God is so good, and I'm such a moron for having stressed out the way I did. I mean, it's "understandable" that I'd be stressed out over a completely uncertain future, but sometimes I just want to say "God, ok, it's cool and all, but you're showing off again." One - ONE - day after I find out that I may never get to Australia, I get our visas in my email inbox. It's like God's saying "ok, but on MY time, not yours."
Message received.
Anyway, I thought everyone out there should know that He's done it again, and we're going to be leaveing now, for sure. Please keep praying for us, as we still have one or two loose ends to tie up (including that ticket for the inspection on my car, which I'm not sure how to handle). But we're going. And I can't wait.

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