March 23, 2006

Knee Deep in Truth

We rode the tram today into Melbourne and listened to a bad trumpet player.

To back up, we spent 25+ hours on various aircraft, to arrive safely in the Melbourne Airport two days ago. Lots of security checks and one missing suitcase wheel later, Colin found us in the welcome area and we went to our new home in Blackburn. It's been fantastic already, after two days here, I've seen so much. The commonwealth games are on here, sort of an Olympics for the countries that used to be British, and with them come a diverse body of interesting characters. The trumpet player asked for money afterwards. We hope he uses it to get lessons.

But it's the beauty of this city - anything goes. You insult them ot their faces and they laugh at you and insult you right back, and then laugh again. They're a friendly people, and after you get past the part where, if they like you, they make fun of you constantly, you realize what a wonderful people Australians are.

And they drink a lot of tea. Except Colin. He drinks lattes.

We've been going over lots of the essentials since we got here, things like buying cell phones (with the no money we have yet, still waiting on our first paycheck), learning how to use the tram/train/bus system, opening a checking account, that sort of thing. But in the midst of it all, we get to dream. How we get to get rid of the box church has been in and start over with Jesus' words and the community of people He's given us, and just to live.

It's freedom.

I wish you all could be here to see this place, experience the energy of this city, see the people we see. They're beautiful, with such potential, such dreams, such passion. One guy, a sports announcer for the Commonwealth Games, really embodies this for me. The sport: Lawn Bowling. I didn't know you could get excited about Bocce, but it turns out that you can. His passion for every sport he comments on is unreal, screaming in excitement over every single athlete, dying with every missed ball, failed attempt; living the emotions with the athletes, making them vocal for the audience. It's fantastic.


Sarah said...

wish I could see it, bro. And yes, I'm looking for a webcam so I can talk with and see you two. Glad you're already having a blast!

Kelli B said...

I'll admit - I've been following your journey and am SO EXCITED in the Spirit of the Lord that you are finally in Australia.

Can you explain again what you are doing there? And what's your vision for "the church"? I'm reading an awesome book about it and am exploring what God might have my husband and I give our lives to for the Kingdom...I'm always open to learning from others.

Yay for God taking you to Australia!

Jon said...

It will be very interesting to read your assessment after your stint is complete - does your first impression still stand?