December 6, 2007

Mr. Bean Goes to Church

We actually watched this in Church Growth today. I like Dr. Hunter.


Brian & Melanie said...

Thats pretty funny cause we wathced the same video in my Greek Class today with Brad Johnson.

Watch out for that snot in the pocket!

Dan said...

oh so many things I could say here. How about 1) love the preaching - reminds me of "peanuts" and how Schultz had adults saying "wah wah wah" because that was his vision of what kids got from adults (even though they got the general idea and even responded). hmmm... i hope my preaching isn't like this. and 2) how many times have you tried to get that blamed peppermint out of its wrapper without making everyone within 3 rows mad at you????
So, what did your class make of the video- other than the humorous parts?