November 13, 2007

Dangerous Videos

Ok, so I know, I'm very busy and have no time. Liz is gone in Indianapolis this week and so I'm spending the week working hard. I got two papers back, major papers, and am happy to say that I'm pleased - ecstatic, actually - about the grades I received on both of them. Dr. West even wanted a copy of my cultural journey paper for future class discussions. I might edit it based on his comments and post it here eventually. Anyway, in the absence of time for decent writing, here are more videos I've discovered recently you might enjoy. I leave their interpretation up to you. Cheers.

[The Management]

Via Hamo

And other dangerous videos I've seen lately:

1 comment:

Brian & Melanie said...

i was watching the second video (burger king mormons) and realized...the guy who walks up in the white shirt and black pants was my old boss from Alltel. weird!