June 28, 2007

To All Kentucky Drivers ...

... I just can't keep my mouth shut anymore. Some pointers:

- Red flashing lights are treated like stop signs, not "speed up."

- Just because your car is bigger than mine doesn't mean you get more right-of-way than I do; your ultra-mega-whatever truck has to obey every road rule just like my land yacht.

- Cutting street corners will get us into accidents, so don't do it.

- There is a little lever on the left side of your steering wheel, and when you push it up or down, it will indicate the direction you wish to turn. Kindly make use of this at every convenience, including (but not limited to) turning left, turning right, merging into traffic, changing lanes, changing multiple lanes, and indicating your intention to do any of the above. Also, if you do use your indicator lights, proper use means you turn them on a few seconds BEFORE you turn, not halfway through.

- There are white signs all along the road that have black numbers on them under the words "Speed Limit." There is a little guage on your dashboard with the same sorts of numbers, and a gizmo that will point to them; if the gizmo points to a number five higher or five lower than the number on the signs, you're not going the right speed and will get somebody hurt. Stop it.

- When on two-or-more lane roads, the right lane is for slower traffic, the left lane is for passing or faster traffic. If you favor slow speeds, fine, but stop keeping the rest of us from getting where we need to go by driving side-by-side with another car for ten miles.

- We are not in the UK or Australia; you have to drive on the right-hand side of the road. Any other side is incorrect.

- The same goes for parking - park with the direction of traffic, not on the other side.

- I know KY roads are not the widest ever, but please, stop taking up both lanes; if your truck takes up more than one lane of road, you need a smaller truck.

- Please, for goodness sake, LOOK FOR OTHER CARS in the following places: parking lots, highways, country roads, four-way-stops, two-way-stops, yield-intersections, and well, pretty much EVERYWHERE. I've been nearly run over several times this week from cars that didn't know I had been backing out of my parking space for fifteen seconds before they were.

That is all.


Greg said...


Greg said...

ps... you guys have a baby yet? :-)

Welcome to Our World said...

YES!! Thank you for explaining the drive on the right and pass on the left. That is like a revelation to this state!! Not to mention, that seems like common sense to me, if my truck takes up two lanes i should get one that fits, and stop using the lame excuse that its for "farm use." Chris, you have vented my frustrations also.