May 7, 2007

So Freakin' Excited!

As finals are fast approaching, and as I'm currently trying to get two books read (and their respective papers written), I take comfort in looking forward to two things:

1) Our daughter will soon be here in early July(ish), upon which time her name will no longer need to be kept secret, and ...


Yes, that's right. You knew about my daughter, but did you know I'm going to India? Neither did I until about ten minutes ago. I'd put in the application and all that, and we knew that I technically could go, but the question still remained as to whether the trip itself would be approved (would we have enough people, would the seminary approve it, would British Airways let us reserve the seats), but all has come through and we're definitely going!!! Very, very excited!

Back to the books. In the meantime, an excellent
article by Stacie on something that's been gnawing at my mind as well.


Christop said...

Wow! That's exciting.
(Nathan is going to South Africa on Sunday too.)

Rob said...

Dude - you suck.

I mean you're so footloose and fancy free you can go to India?

If you have all this free time shouldn't you be going to Columbus???

As I said - Loser


Chris said...

yeah ... we'll be doing something about that, don't worry ...