January 8, 2007

To the Airport!

Well, for those of you who don't know, our time here in Melbourne has come to a close. We will be leaving from the Melbourne Airport on Wednesday January 17th around 1:30 and heading home to Rochester, NY. There we'll spend two weeks with my parents, Liz's parents, and visiting with various friends and relatives. Then, it's off to Kentucky, where I will continue my graduate education at Asbury Theological Seminary.

This isn't my "I'm not writing anymore" speech, by the way, but I will be gone for a week or two, as our internet connection ends tomorrow and it's unlikely I'll get much access to WiFi for a little while. I'll check email, so if you have thoughts, keep posting them, or email me.

I can't help thinking that my time here in Oz has flown a tad too fast. We've had a lot to think about in recent weeks, from the new baby on the way to a devotion for mimos to the many papers I'm writing and books I'm reading for FORGE. And as they say, time flies. It flies. I've adored my time here; the city is an amazing place, with amazing people. Well, some amazing people, lots of the ones I met were amazing, anyway. I'm going to miss them - the mimos bunch, the Urban Seed residents and staff, our neighbor Antonio, the Stolberg staff, the FORGEies ... yeah, there are lots of good people here.

To all you good people, thank you for letting us into your life for a little while - it was an honor.

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