January 3, 2007

The Miracle of Life

I've had friends email me their pictures of the first ultrasound. I've seen it on webpages, blogs, and from friends at church or work who proudly displayed the photographic evidence of their unborn child to anybody within grabbing distance. Usually I smiled, nodded, mumbled some sort of congratulations, and five minute later forgot about the whole thing.

But as they say, it's different when it's yours. I get it now - the pride they felt, the joy at seeing their unborn child squirm inside of mom or wave his hands around, the awe at seeing a tiny heart beating. Until today this whole "my wife is pregnant" thing felt sort of abstract, like it was happening to somebody else; I smiled, nodded, and forgot about it as I focused on writing papers or applying to seminary.

Sometimes reminders would creep in there; the morning sickness (hers, not mine), the book I'm reading about what to do as an expecting father, the list she put together of stuff we'll need for the baby ... but it always came back to me that it wasn't quite ... mine yet.

And then we went for an ultrasound, and I got to watch the little tyke waving his arms at us. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the monitor, it was absolutely incredible! Then reality kicked in and since then I've been flip-flopping between nervousness and awe. I'm going to be a father!

(click the picture to see more pictures of the baby!)


shawna said...

Yeah, its a baby! I can't believe you can actaully tell its a baby already, I would have thought it would still look like a bean or something.

Anonymous said...


It is all so cool!

"Look, Dad! I'm swimming!"

cruz-control said...

congrats, bro!

that's awesome!!!