July 23, 2006

The Unsung Heroes

I've begun a new project, something I'm hoping will be a large part of my mission work here in Australia. I've come to notice that a lot of people do things that emulate Jesus, but nobody ever hears about them. Maybe the best way to describe this is the first post of the blog that will be the visual for this project:

There are so many unsung heroes out there. People who walk around in normal, everyday clothes. But just underneath the jeans and sweaters and dresses and suit jackets are spandex tights and capes and masks. Warriors, champions, legends - Heroes - are born and die everyday with nobody to tell their story, people that nobody will remember because they were too humble and too busy serving and caring for others to take the time to talk about themselves.

I am here to tell their stories.

I am but a disciple of these heroes. I do not embark upon this project for their glory, nor mine. I do not write to inspire you, except, perhaps, to inspire you to take action. To take action and become like these unsung heroes, daring to dream and imagine and reinvent the world around you for the better. May we all grow from the telling. May these stories be a call to action, to show that everyday people - you, me, anyone - can be heroes of the highest sort.

This project is not about me - it's about recognizing the huge amount of mostly unknown work that happens under our noses everyday. Part of this means that I need the help of everybody around me to tell stories. Write to me, tell me about somebody in your life who imitates Jesus, give me stories about people at work, at school, on the street. This is a project for all of us.

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