May 20, 2006

Clothes Shopping

I hate shopping for clothes.

I'll shop for most anything else without complaint, especially camping gear or anything computer related (games, hardware, etc). But clothing is something I can't stand. The worst part is trying everything on to see if it fits, going through the process of tying and untying my shoes fourteen times in two hours.

When I lived in America, it was ok, at best. I'd go into whatever store I had decided was worthy of my business, find what I wanted, and leave in under 20 minutes, including the walk from the entrance to the men's section. I always knew what I wanted, and so it was never a hard thing to find. I do this maybe two or three times in a year, when I absolutely need to replentish the clothing I wore right through.

Today I went clothes shopping. Specifically, for jeans. It was harder here in Australia than it was in America; the styles are different, which is fine, but it also means I have to fit my stocky Swiss body into tiny Australian clothing. They're thinner people in general (the most common are from British or Aisian descent), who don't really go for the baggy look that I find most comfortable. Instead, the most popular trend here is a very European look; jeans are all "low-rise," thin, and generally just made so people like me can't fit into them.

I'm not bashing Australian culture; they look great in their clothing. I do not. Fortunately for me (and for anyone that sees me), Liz and I found a store that sold mostly jeans, and among the many varieties, I found one - yes, one - style that I could fit into. So I did what any guy would do; I bought two pairs.

To be fair, I did find a second style that might work, but I think I'll have to lose a few pounds (kilos) before I try. Maybe I'll start biking more regularly.

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Sarah said...

lol "stocky Swiss body"? Yeah, we Swiss aren't the thin tall type, are we? I'm sure you look fine, Chris. If anything, it's encouragement to work out more. :-p