July 21, 2005

A Picture of Beauty

So here it is ... the computer I'm waiting for. It's shiny. Shiny and beautiful. And shiny. And beautiful. Here are the specs, because I'm a nerd:
-2GHz Intel:Pentium M Centrino Processor [on a side note, I did a lot of research on this processor, and apparently this thing is amazing - it rivals the Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor, and works with lots less power to conserve battery without compromising performance. boo-yah, I can't wait to get this thing ...]
-1GHz 533MHz Ram [aka really fast]
-DVD/CD Burner/Player
-Firewire and USB-2.0
-15.4 inch widescreen [note: freakin' amazing]
-Windows XP: Media Center Edition, complete with remote control for the DVD player and media player
-Adobe Elements: Photoshop and Premiere (amazing picture and video editing software)

I can't wait. I get to do video editing, networking, watch movies, play games, and in general, enjoy myself way too much. Be jealous of me - very jealous (especially you poor apple users who have to suffice with the Mac OS and its wimpy one-button mouse). Ok, I'm really done now.


Jutz said...

Chris, Chris... *shakes head*

RAM comes in gigabytes, not gigahertz...

Anya said...

it's quite goodlooking ;-). course that's all i can observe about it. all that computer jargon just blew over my shoulder somewhere...