July 13, 2005

On Patience

It's been far too long. I think I'm suffering from lack of writing time - sometimes I find myself considering all the things I could give up (food, sleep to get another job, my only phone, etc.) to get internet service back. Then I remember that I get it free if I just drive five minutes to church, I repent, and try to remember that this is really for the best.

And then I start the cycle again.

It's a funny thing, saving money. To fill you in, I've been trying to save up money to buy a new computer. The problem with my current computer is that it's just not cool enough anymore - my eye caught a new, shinier model on the Dell website and I can't resist. And, as it turns out, I want to learn video editing, which my current computer can't handle. So I made an excuse - I'm going to help plant a church to a tv-inspired generation and have to learn how to edit - and am trying to save money.

It's slow going. I mean, technically, I could just buy the stupid thing now (I'm sorry lappy, I don't mean to call you stupid! forgive me!) and be content with it. But that's if the money we have was only mine. It's not. I'm married, and that means I don't make decisions in a vacuum. Well, nobody does. But at least in my world, I can't even pretend it's a vacuum, because she'd get mad at me for telling her she sucks or something. In any case, the mandate is that we'll try to get it, but it'll have to be later when we've saved the money.

The good news is, we have some of it already. The bad news is, we don't have all of it, so I have to wait. Patience is not something I'm too keen on. I mean, if you're not born with the gift of patience, trying to learn it is like trying to carve a path wide enough for my santa fe through dense rainforest with only my swiss army knife.

I love my knife, but it's just not up to that one.

If anyone knows how to get some patience fast, it's information I'm willing to ... um ... ok, I really just want you to tell me. And quick, I don't know how much patience I've got.

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Greg said...

Chris. No jokes. No funny lines. No sarcastic comments. Nothing of the sort.

I just want to recommend one last time...

PLEASE at least consider an Apple Computer.

You will certainly not be dissapointed.

You can e-mail me if you are even slightly interested. :-)