June 6, 2005


Lack of internet access is going to be the end of me.

My new apartment is in the basement of my inlaws' house, and that means no readily available access to the internet. At least, not on an instantaneous basis like I've been used to for the last four years. I've become soft or something.

It's amazing what getting used to having something does to a guy. Suddenly you start feeling like this isn't just a perk, isn't just a benefit of being where you are, isn't a luxury item ... it becomes a need. Suddenly you feel like hey, I deserve this, I can't live without it, I'll give anything for five minutes online!

Pathetic, isn't it?

And I really feel like that sometimes. And so begins my trial by fire, my "burning" (as
Stace calls it). How long can I go between times online? Aka, how many hours can I go without pining to check my email?


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