November 21, 2004

Sleep, Inc.

Have you ever noticed that you'll never hear a college student say "my goodness, I just can't sleep another wink"? I mean, does that bother anybody? Well, anyone other than me?

It seems to me that today's college student is seriously having a problem with overcommittment. A strange problem to have, to be sure, but nonetheless, we tend to need to do EVERYTHING we can: jobs, girlfriends (or boyfriends, depending on who you are), fraternities (frat party anyone?) or sororities, and oh yeah, schoolwork, and maybe, just maybe, if you ever find the time, sleep. But nobody ever gets to that last one because we're too busy with all the rest of them (ever noticed how easy it is to stay up way past your bedtime to talk with friends and possibly play smash bros. on N64 until 4am?).

I must say, I thought it would all change when I got married. As it turns out, it doesn't change at all - especially when you marry someone who likes "Warcraft III" as much (or more, sometimes) than you do. Yes, I was up until 2am last night playing computer games with my wife ... and really enjoying it.

But I must also say that I have gotten more work done than ever before. I think it might have something to do with motivation - as in, I'm more motivated to get my work done earlier (instead of at 4am) so I can spend time with her when she gets home from work. And it works ... I've only had a few weekends where I was busy all day working and didn't get to goof off (mostly because the paper was too long to finish during the week).

I've also cut back on lots of stuff. I don't do half of the stuff I used to, though I've added a part-time job (gotta pay the rent). So maybe I've just been inspired to cut back. Is this part of growing up? Maybe. Has it worked? Absolutely. Would I trade it for those late-night guitar jams?


I get more sleep now, I get my work done, and I still get to see my friends. And I have an awesome wife! Some things I guess are more important than others.

But I can't wait for break.

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