November 22, 2004

The Memory of a Fish: An Ammendment

So I want to ammend what I wrote yesterday. As it turns out, I left out one very crucial component to talking about my life as relating to sleep: I often screw it up. More specifically, I often screw up the balance that has to naturally come with the amount of stuff I do, especially in my priorities.

For weeks now, I have been trying to balance my classes, my work schedule, and maybe see my wife once in a while. I failed. I decided to make it up to her by spending a day with her to be just us.

That worked.

However, it seems that in the process, I neglected a rather important part of my studies as well. While it doesn't matter which part it is, it's important for me to take away a lesson from this: BALANCE IS CRUCIAL.

I forgot that I had to balance everything over time. Not that it would just eventually balance itself out, but I didn't make sure to think about all of the aspects of what I was doing. I realize that I have the memory of a fish and so naturally I forget to do half the stuff I'm supposed to. This pretty much guarentees that I cannot multitask.

This is a bad thing.

I guess I'm just tired of it all. But that doesn't mean I can't keep going. I will endeavor to work harder at this, but I guess at this point it means playing "catch-up". For this, I simply ask your patience and your indulgence when I ask you "what did I say I was about to do?"

The memory of a fish, I swear.

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