May 20, 2017

Show Them Jesus

Pastors - look at your churches. Churches - look at your communities - the town, the city, the area in which you live and work.

You might really like them - your church or your community - or you might not like them at all, whether it’s the way they do things or their history or their dress code or if they’re just not really listening to God (or you) at the moment. Chances are it’s a bit of everything at different times or even all at once. But these are the people - your church or your community - whom God has entrusted to you.

So show them Jesus.

In every word, in every action, show them Jesus. In every hour of every day of every year, show them Jesus. Whether it’s a moment when you like them or you can’t stand them, show them Jesus.

For this is your Calling.

The means by which you do this - however you do this - will not fill you up or feed your soul, not all the way, nor will your relationship with them, and it is not meant to. In fact, for many of you it will probably drain you more than it fills you. The greatest satisfaction in life only comes from a solid relationship with Jesus; indeed, it is only from such a relationship that you can share Jesus with your church and with your community.

But you were not Called to your church or your community because of your skills or your desires or your preferences. Those things may have gotten you there, whether it’s for your job at a church or elsewhere. No, you were Called there to serve the people; to show them Jesus.

So pastors, look at your churches, and churches, look at your communities. They are filled with weird and wonderful people who will make you sad and happy and angry and exuberant all at once. 

Show them Jesus.

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