June 15, 2014


Christians who speak only with their wallets are called consumers. 

Christians who speak with their service are called disciples. 

The places you show up are the places you value. While you can write a check from a distance, the minute you start showing up regularly in person is the minute you start showing what is important to you. If you invest your time in a place, chances are you’ve already invested your money there anyway; ask any teacher, any pastor, any entrepreneur, any grandparent. When you build something with your hands, when you invest your time with people, when you spend time serving somewhere, that says more about you and your priorities than your signature on a check or any plaque on a donation. You could write a huge check to a church but spend every sunday at a sports stadium or a country club or a concert hall; trust me, we’ll know what’s more important to you. You only have so much time and so you can only have so much that's important to you. You must prioritize.

Your presence speaks volumes. Use it wisely.

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