March 5, 2014

Creating Space

I just finished a remarkable little book, one that has left me feeling inspired. 

I'm constantly searching for books that will help worship teams, tech teams, and creative teams understand better what they've been Called to do. I've found a few already, which I'll list at the bottom, but this one in particular stands out. First of all, it's short - I read it in an hour - which is good for a lot of creative types I've met who don't read a lot, especially the volunteer Creative who's also holding down a full time job. The book is very accessible, and easy to read, but don't let that fool you - it's simplicity also makes it very deep. Creating Space is about why we should take the time to create, why creativity is important, why living into that calling is one of the most important things that we, as artists, will do.
"God isn’t freaking out that he accidentally made you a poet, seamstress, chef, or musician. These are sacred gifts that you dare not neglect." 
"Creativity is a form of service. When you create something using your talents, you can certainly choose to hide it and keep it to yourself. However, art and creativity are at their best when shared with others."
It's unfortunately only available on Kindle, but it's all of $1 and the app is free (you can even read it in a kindle app on your browser), so go download it and spend some time reading.

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