July 23, 2009

Gig at Lakeshore

We led worship at a church up in Rochester called Lakeshore Community Church, and they were kind enough to post the videos of the worship set online. I've put them up here for your thoughts - what did we do well, upon what could we improve? Also, it's just cool to finally have a recording of us at a church with HD video technology and a sound board that's plugged into the recording.

He Was There (David Crowder, arr. Chris Logan)

Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman, arr. Chris Logan)

From the Inside Out (Hillsong United, arr. Chris Logan)

Take My Life (arr. Chris Tomlin)


Anonymous said...

A great leap forward from the dirge-like hymns of your average mid-20th century middle America church services.
Nicely done, but you have a ways to go before you generate the kind of enthusiasm and energy of - say -Rev. Green down in Memphis.
A. Annie

Dan said...

Chris, Liz, et. al.:
Nice job. There were a bunch of singers with you! That must be nice. Chris, I loved your opening words and nobody responded - *sigh* - it's always a joy being the first person to actively engage the audience at the early services. Way to have fun with it, though!
Improvements... hmmm... Do you take requests? Skillet - Hero? Okay, that's not really a worship song, but it does rock!
Seriously, excellent job and loved Liz's vocals on Take My Life (at the end of it). That's one of my favorite songs.

Chris said...

Annie - thanks :) We're working on the Rev. Green thing, but unfortunately to have that much energy requires levels of caffeine that may be a violation of FDA regulations ...

Dan - this was actually the last service ;) also, the "late night" comment was sort of an inside joke that didn't seem to go so well because the night before they'd hosted a July 4th fireworks watch and everybody had been out till like, 11 or midnight ...

Anonymous said...

Wow - Annie, I didn't know you were an aficionado of gospel music! You will have to take us with you to the Ft. Collins Gospel Church the next time we visit! - JSLJR

Anonymous said...

OK - the jig is up - I really know zero about gospel music. I like to think I know something about being a supportive aunt.
A. Annie