April 28, 2009

Another Question

I've been having a rough time of it lately, both for writing and with the job search. For those that haven't heard, we're moving back to NY until we get said elusive job.  So in lieu of the writing that I can't seem to get myself to do, let me ask you all a question:

What, in your perspective, does the ideal "local church" look like?


song bird said...

Well - it's always open for a start.
There is someone to listen and freshly baked cookies and a place to reflect, meditate and pray.
It has intimate knowledge (based on friendly relationships with the people in the community) of the services provided within the local area and is happy to refer if necessary.
It's members are welcoming and honest and open with their lives.
Just like Mimos.

Dan said...

Once I get a breather, I'll give a serious answer... but for now a (scary) joke - a bunch of people just like me!
wow- we'd never talk because we'd always be thinking. Yikes.
Nevermind, I'll wait to see much more spiritual answers.

Anonymous said...

Check out this article.

Calvin DeWitt seems to have the right idea. The church is a community first - not necessarily a building.
A. Annie