September 1, 2008


I'm back! Sort of, anyway. I spent the last two and a half weeks away - in New York for a few days to celebrate my grandparents' sixtieth wedding anniversary with the whole family (congrats again Grossmami and Grosspapi), and then to Switzerland for two weeks. It was a great vacation, though it wasn't one of those "relaxing" times I could've used. Instead of sleeping in, reading fiction, drawing, playing guitar and generally doing whatever lazy thing I felt like, it was a "sightseeing" vacation where we got up early and trucked ourselves off to various places where we found castles, cities, museums, ancient libraries or cathedrals, and of course, mountains. Lots of mountains. It was fantastic! I'm still working through the pictures (there's about 8 gigs of pictures from our Digital SLR camera to look through and edit), so when I get them edited, I'll put them up here and on flickr. And don't worry, there are lots of Rori, she's gotten so big! She's walking now, and has begun blabbering in a way only God himself can understand. We just play along as if she's making perfect sense. But sometimes we know what she wants ... "mmmmm" means "please" (Liz's doing), "dadadadadadada" means "Daddy", and "mamamamamama" means "Mommy." Sometimes she'll say "nana" which means "banana" but I'm not entirely convinced that she knows for sure what it means.

I start a new semester this week, my last of seminary. I have four classes, but with one of them as my one-credit "Senior Seminar," I'm not feeling particularly stressed about it. I'm still at a 3.8 GPA, even after my first "B+" of seminary this summer (first and ONLY as far as I'm concerned), and feeling good about being done soon. I'm definitely ready to go back out into the real world again (my friend Sam in college said that a college is several square miles surrounded by reality), and have been applying to worship pastor positions at a plethora of churches. One is looking hopeful, but none are a sure thing yet. I'll keep you all updated on that.

I'll leave you with a teaser of pictures to come. I took this on top of the Saintis, a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Enjoy!

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