May 31, 2008

[Sigh of Relief]

I'm very grateful to my wife and friends for their help keeping me sane this past semester; it paid off:

Praise God!

Sociology is this coming week, followed by a week of nothing, which I'm really looking foward to. I've got a few ideas bouncing around in my head for topics to write about, and a brand-spankin'-new keyboard to write with (my daughter killed the other one with a glass of orange juice), so hopefully I'll be able to write soon. Thanks all for your patience!


Dan said...

nice job! love the ergonomic keyboard!!!! Did y'all get any sleep the other night after we left? Or did your daughter keep you up?

Mike said...

Mr. Logan, your keyboards seem to have a history of Death By Liquid.

Jeff Rudy said...

congrats on the grades, sir!