February 8, 2007

Back ... Sort Of ...

It's been three weeks of insanity. Seriously, I think I've gone a little loopy since we left Melbourne. The list of random things I've had to take care of in the last month is getting a little long for even my taste. I've had to move twice, choose a new mattress and new bed frame, I've had discussions with friends on every manner of topic (including but not limited to "where does this box go" to "what is the nature of epistemology" to "where does this other box go"), I've had two classes (and a third this afternoon), worked on papers, done dinners out, acquired a new car, been to the NYS DMV four times (for said car), gone to an ultrasound, bought new shoes, driven 600 miles, and loaded a 15-foot Budget truck. Just to name a few.

I'm exhausted.

And this isn't the end. I still have two papers to finish for FORGE in Melbourne, on top of finding a job and maybe settling into our little one-bedroom cave before moving again in June (and I may get to sign the lease on our current place by then), going to CT for my cousin's wedding, preparing to have the baby in July, and maybe, just maybe, doing well in my classes!!

So all this to say that I really want to write about the stuff I'm learning, discussing, and growing in, but I just don't have the time at present. I've had some interesting classes already in which I argued with the professor over postmodernism (which he said is a good thing and that it's ok that I disagree, but we both agree that everybody's position always seems to simplistic), and I want to write about lots of other things too.

BUT! If you have topic ideas, I'd love to have them. I'm in a new season of life and so I forget the stuff I want to write about as quickly as I think of them, but if you leave me thoughts, I'll start putting together a list. The few I've thought to write down are things like homeschooling, how do we know what we know, legos, and the economy of God. But that's like, six posts or something, so ideas are welcome!

Anyway, thanks for your patience. Maybe I'm being naiive, and there's nobody actually reading this and so I'm really talking to myself. But as I said, I've been feeling a bit loopy lately, so that's entirely possible.

I'm going to go write a paper now.

~The Management

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Rob said...

Willkommen Zurück! So gut, Sie zu haben Haus wieder! Traurig sind Sie so beschäftigt

er... sorry

Welcome back!

Glad to hear you are surviving - and know the feeling - my lovely classmates stuck me with presenting this week (the week of grading student midterms, and week AFTER grading their papers). My Benthamian happiness quotient is pretty sucky right now.

Anyway, hope you're surviving. I know what would cheer you up - a trip to Columbus! Let me know when you get a free moment, it'd be great to see you guys.