September 26, 2006

Wednesday Update

A few random things today.

My wife has posted a couple new sets of pictures. I want to plug her photography as much as possible: she's an amazing photographer, and she's got this amazing new camera that I bought her and, well, she's doing some amazing things with it and I think you should see. I think I should get a medal if I can use 'amazing' a few more times.


Wildlife Photos

Flower Photos

The randomness continues: I am working on videos today after a tiring couple of days. I was at Urban Seed yesterday, which made for a long day, but we also had two (fantastic) guests here for the last two nights. Mike and Dave are new friends for me, but friends of friends. Denise (a wonderful friend and devoted pray-er from home who emails telling us she's thought of us at 3am; awesome!) had a son a while back and he grew up and decided to do an exchange program at Wollongong Uni in Sydney. He and his mate Mike went for a road trip, and we got to host them for two nights, make them breakfast, show them the city, the works. Good times. But I'm really tired now and so I'm holing up for the day.

Moving on. I love this new show I've discovered, called Thank God You're Here, and I found some new videos on YouTube, one of which was on last week. Amazing stuff, really.

TGYH: The Car Crash

TGYH: Robin Hood and His Merry Men

Lastly, definitions can be confusing. I've had a few people ask me now: what is the emerging church? While the answer can get complicated (go figure), this short clip is a fairly good summation of the umbrella category that is "emerging church." Brian McLaren, eat your heart out.


Priscilla said...

I enjoyed the shows. I always enjoy that sort of humor.

Paul said...

Hey Chris,

Do you know who the guy talking on emerging church is? Is it Mark Driscoll?

Chris said...

I believe it is Mark Driscoll, yes. I can't be entirely certain, but several colleagues of mine all said it looks a whole lot like him, but the website I found this on simply called him "Driscoll." Either way, it's still a good video.