February 26, 2006

Almost There

For those keeping track, I have a major update on our sojurn to Australia.
After many trials and tribulations, horrors and abominations, hurdles, obstacles, problems, irritations, smack, dirt, pain, and, in short, a long time ... we are finally coming on the date of departure. March 13th, we ship out on a United flight to Melbourne, Australia. While the flight isn't quite as direct as I'd like - we have a 22 hour layover in LA - we're going, and we have 2 weeks left.
I find myself finally at peace with our decision to book the tickets. It was about two weeks of agony, the indecision of "God, can I do it yet?" and only silence to greet my pleas. Sounds a bit over dramatic, sure, but it sure feels like it. But of course, there's always a catch: when God said "yep, go ahead", we didn't have our visas yet. And funny thing, we still don't - because of one piece of x-ray paper that is in Washington when it's supposed to be in Sydney.
But we're working on that.
As I said, I'm at peace with the whole thing, and now we have but to get ready: pack suitcases and move beds to their storage spot for the next year. And pray that the x-ray chart gets to Sydney in a few days so that the people in Hobart can give us our visas and we enter the country legally.
Pray for us. Please? We're almost there.

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