December 6, 2005

What Dreams May Come

I've been toying with this idea all morning, and I finally decided just to go for it. I want to ask a question of anyone who happens to read my stuff: do you think we are responsible for our dreams? I mean, in a spiritual sense; does God count our dreams for or against us at all? And I'm not talking about those dreams that we sometimes have that we have some control over, like you're half-asleep and you find yourself wandering around in some bar and you can choose which hot girl to talk to and whatever ... I'm talking about the dreams we have when we're truly asleep, the ones that come from the supposed random firings of neurons while in REM sleep, the ones that seem to be anything and everything our imagination can conceive. The ones that sometimes seem a bit too real for comfort, yet we seem to have no control over.

I realize that there are a lot of reasons why God invented "grace" (and I suspect this is one of them) but I figured I'd pose the question - does God's grace need apply to these dreams, or are they simply out of our control? For example, you have a dream about killing your boss in a screaming rage, and you wake up and wonder why in the world you had that dream, something you'd never even considered doing before, let alone ever wondered about. Or another example, you find yourself robbing a bank and it never crosses your mind that it's a) wrong, and b) that you don't need to be doing this, and c) that the circumstances are nothing like what yours are in the first place.

These are not, by the way, dreams of my own that prompted the question, my own dream was far more disturbing and frankly, I won't ever repeat it in type or out loud to anyone save my wife. But all the same, it's a question I've wondered about for some time. Are we responsible for these dreams? I put it out there as a question to everyone, especially those of you who might be more versed in scripture than I am. So all of you, start typing.

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